Tips for the first date

The rules and few tips to enhance the first date impression

The first date, as a rule, is full of awkward moments, nervous chatter, or, conversely, prolonged pauses. The further development of your relationship depends on how this evening will be held – whether you become a real couple or prefer to forget your meeting, like a bad dream. The last thing you need in this situation is anxiety about appearance.

Tip 1) No need to look like you spent half a day in front of a mirror.

Of course, you want to impress your new guy from the very beginning, but this does not mean that you should be dressed in the best traditions of provincial discos. Remember: a relaxed look will make you feel more confident and calmer.

Tip 2) Choose comfortable shoes

High-heeled shoes, bought specially for a date, will certainly help to add chic to the image, but risk to spoil the mood in a couple of hours. Especially if your companion offers a romantic walk through the city or, God forbid, call you to walk along the paths of an abandoned park using free sex sites. In order not to deny you such a pleasure because of swollen legs, we suggest to look at the ever-current Brogan or Oxford: this footwear will suit both thick cloth dresses and slim jeans or warm shorts.

Tip 3) Allow yourself to remain yourself

Don’t bother too much about onions. If you all your life, like Vanessa Huygens, preferred to wear jeans and did not get out of the shoe, you should not wear unusual dresses and skirts. Even if the girlfriends vied with each other to the contrary. Dark skinny in a pair with a cozy oversize sweater or a silk top, a necklace of beads or a pendant, light makeup, a few drops of your favorite perfume – and you’re ready for a date!

Tip 4) Add a bright touch

Even the simplest and most ordinary image can be advantageously supplemented with the right accessories. The most versatile is the scarf, which can be worn with both dresses and sports jackets. Vintage brooch, covered with colored enamel, will be a great decoration for a monochrome sweater, and pearl earrings will add elegance to your bow.

Tip 5) Avoid annoying parts

The long-awaited, exciting, unpredictable, forcing the heart to beat faster – this is what it is, the first date. You are preparing for it long before the appointed day, sorting through in your head the possible options for its holding. The most interesting thing is that it is almost impossible to predict the course of the meeting, and it is impossible to act “on a piece of paper” in most cases. However, to get acquainted with some of the recommendations for the first date does not hurt – what if something is useful? For the first date, it is preferable to choose the standard options: dinner in a cafe, a walk in the park, a trip to the cinema, a picnic in nature. Still, you are not yet so familiar to arrange any extreme date or dinner at home.

Tips for her

Usually a place for dating offers a guy. The girl should take into account only a few moments. Do not settle for the first date in a suspicious place (at his home, in unfamiliar and poorly populated places) – because you cannot vouch for the honesty of each new gentleman. If there is a choice (yes there – it just has to be!), Give preference to the simplest option – and romance and extreme will wait until the next dates. More info can be seen at – check them out today.